Sitting in traffic on I-95

by - Monday, August 18, 2008

I hate sitting in traffic on I-95, but that's pretty much what I did this weekend.

My Terps had a pre-season game against Virginia Commonwealth in Richmond, Va., so my friends and I hopped into some cars and headed down for our first soccer road trip of the season.

We didn't get very far out of D.C. before we hit massive stop-and-go traffic on 95. The trip is about 115 miles. It took us more than three hours. Ew.

The worst part though is that game ended in a 0-0 draw. After sitting in all that traffic, we didn't even get to see a goal scored. (We had two really good chances, but our player pushed the ball wide both times...should have been two very easy goals.)

No I take that back...maybe the worst part was having to pay $3 for parking and $5 for admission...for a pre-season game. I mean...really?

I got in a four miler on Saturday morning. Ran the first two and had to walk the second two because my calves were really tight and because it was mighty warm outside. (Guess that's what happens when you sleep in.)

Friday night I saw Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 with a girl from work. It was cute. I was a bit confused at first because I didn't realize it was mostly based on the third book. I had expected it to be based on the second, but I must have missed that memo somewhere along the line.

And of course, I've been watching tons of the Olympics. We made it home just in time Saturday night to see Phelps swim his last race. There was lots of fist pumping and in general cheering at the television involved.

The first parts of my new computer came (mouse, keyboard, some software) but not the actual computer yet. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it gets here soon!

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  1. Alright, now if that computer just hurries up and gets there you'll be all set ;-)

  2. The traffic sucks and for a draw...oh I would be on fire!

    What in the world you get the mouse and shiz but no computer...Apple Teasers!

  3. Thats sucks!, and no goal in the soccer game!!.
    I look some time's soccer Ajax Amsterdam, but a game whith out a gool!!!.
    And goodluck whit your new computer!.
    Groet Rinus.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yes, definitely teasing. Either that, or the shipping company has "issues".

    That's one of the things about soccer. If you are looking for a high scoring game, you are in the WRONG sport. I love your fanatacism though :-)

    You should change your blog to Run Soccer Girl :-D

  6. Trust me, I-95 doesn't get any better this far south either. Nightmare highway.

  7. I actually like watching soccer, but I just don't get how a game can end in 0-0. Boggles me.

  8. Sorry about the traffic..that stinks! I hope your computer gets there soon!