Berry good oatmeal and training time

by - Thursday, February 18, 2010

For the cooking challenge this week, I was craving something fruity, warm and filling -- a mix of the fruity tropical goodness I ate when I was on vacation in combination with something warm and comforting to make me less sad about the snow.

I settled on a delicious bowl of oatmeal topped with berry goodness.

I promise there is actually oatmeal under there.

Topped with raspberry Chobani, blackberries and something new I stumbled across in the grocery store.

Yogi granola crisps in strawberry. Mmmm these things were yummy and would probably make a great yogurt topper or bowl of cereal on their own.

Speaking of fruit and all reminds me that I have a big race coming up in April, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.

Because of everything going on with my hip the last few weeks, I haven't been actually training for the race. I've been running when I can and trying to keep up my endurance with cross training.

After my three successful runs on the cruise, I'm hoping I can start officially training next week. That will leave me approximately seven weeks to get in shape for the race. I'm confident that's enough time to get ready.

I'm working on my training plan now, and tentatively I will be running three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays with a couple days of cross training as time allows. A more fleshed out plan to come.

I'm looking forward to shaking off these winter blahs and getting back at it.

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  1. I didn't get into cherry blossom! I am planning to either find a bib or run it as a bandit. You can totally be ready in 7 weeks!

    Those granola strawberry things look delish.

  2. That breakfast looks really yummy.
    You can totally do it in 7 weeks.

  3. I eat a ton of cereal too, and one thing I started doing was buying the dehydrated berries; you know the "Just Blackberries" tubs. They don't go bad, they rehydrate (some) in the cereal and taste amazing. I also use dried Pomegrante seeds.

  4. That oatmeal sounds yummy! And looks great!

    I TOO am confident you can do the 10-miler! Just make sure to listen to your body!

  5. I never eat cereal, it just doesn't appeal to me but in the picture with the berries, the cereal looks so delicious!
    I like your three day running plan, it looks so do-able!

  6. That breakfast looks great. I usually do oatmeal about once a week and will create a fruit smoothie to drink. Generally, half the smoothie ends up in the oatmeal as flavoring.

  7. That breakfast looks tasty!