My first Whole Foods experience

by - Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you so much for all of your comments on leg stretches and exercises. I put several of them to use last night. It was like having my own personal PT session right on my living room floor.

I did my foam rolling before and after the stretches. Crossing my fingers and hoping it all helps.


In other news, I took my first ever trip to Whole Foods this weekend and was rather disappointed with my experience.

First off, the store was packed. And it's not a big store, so it was really tough to maneuver down the small aisles.

Second, I was really disappointed in the selection. The Greek yogurt options stank. No Chobani, a really limited Fage selection (no fat free and only like two 2%) and the Oikos was nearly double what I spend on Greek yogurt at my regular grocery store.

In the end, I left the store with only about half of what I needed for the week. Part of it was sticker shock on my part and part of it was frustration at not being able to find what I needed.

From now on I'll just stick to the Giant with the occasional trip to Trader Joe's to mix things up.

I have heard, however, that Whole Foods has an amazing selection of food at their soup/salad/other delicious stuff bars. I didn't try that this weekend and I'm not ruling out trying that in the future. I've read too many good reviews on other blogs to pass that up.

Have you ever shopped at Whole Foods? What was your experience?

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  1. I do shop at Whole Paycheck regularly. There's one just 2 blocks from the house. But I don't buy much there. Love the hot bar and salad bar, I stop on my way home from work for dinenr there every night. Well, almost every night. It's the beauty of living alone. The sushi is pretty good, and they have 'blue plate meals' for about $6 that is a really good dinner. I like the vegetarian selections. Best tofu in town.

    other than that, fruit and milk are all i regularly seem to purchase there. it is expensive.

  2. The Whole Foods I go to to sometimes is just as crazy. The aisles and store in general are so small and there's no way to maneuver a cart. I go about once a month to get some organic produce but that's about it. I can usually get everything else at the Giant by my house for much cheaper.
    Their hot/cold bar does have lost of different foods, but I usually find most of the vegetables drenched in oil. I do like the tofu though. :-)

  3. Never been to whole foods. Sorry your experience wasn't better.

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Whole Foods is so pricey! I do without it, unless I want something like Amazing Grass or Crofters or some other specialty food. Otherwise, it's the farmer's market, TJ's and Wal-Mart for this girl! I'm always looking for the best deals on the healthiest foods.

  5. Tad and I shop at Whole Foods only when we want to get seafood or flowers for our moms or something because it's so fresh. Otherwise, we stick to the Giant. I'm not paying $12 for a 6 pack of eco-friendly toilet paper! I liked Carolina's comment about 'Whole Paycheck,' it's so true. Whole Food's hot bar is good if you don't feel like cooking dinner, but they don't switch up the food from week to week, it's pretty much the same dishes all the time.

  6. My state is getting its first whole foods next year!! Although, I have a "Sunflower Market" which is the same concept except the fruits kind of suck.

  7. Whole Foods is good, but like many chains, what they carry and the size of the store may vary depending upon location. For us, our local grocery chain, Publix, carries nearly the same selection of organic, etc as WF, so we almost never go to WF.

  8. we have earth fare down in sc, very similar. the food bar is awesomeeeeee. the regular-grocery stuff is expensive. i try to get as much as i can at other stores and then just the special stuff at the organic store. i wish we had a trader joes!! i can eat so much of their stuff (soy free)

  9. I have gone to Whole Foods quite a few times, but never with the intent of doing my main grocery shopping there. Maybe I've bought a few things because they happened to be on sale, but not much. It's pricey there, just as you said!

    I do agree however, agree that their salad bar, sandwich station and soup stations are VERY good, especially for lunch. I've eaten there quite a few times while on business in areas where I don't know the restaurants and don't want to eat crap.