Having a plan helps

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sorry for the Negative Nancy post this morning. I was super stressed out, and while I still am, I feel a little better knowing the BF and I put a plan in place.

It has three options:
Option 1: Snow is supposed to end sometime Saturday so our flight might still be able to get out Saturday night. Go to the airport and wait it out.
Option 2: If that flight is canceled there is train leaving at 7:30 PM that will get us down to Orlando Sunday morning.
Option 3: If the train isn't working because of the snow and the flight gets canceled, we will rent a car and split the driving through the night and get to Orlando Sunday morning.

I'm still nervous and hoping we get only a little bit of snow, but I'm fairly confident we will still make it to Florida in time. Plans always make me feel better.

In other news, Emily came over last night so we could watch the season premier of LOST. Man I love that show.

Before we watched, we went to Panera to grab some bread bowl soup because there's nothing better on a snowy night.

Hers: Chicken Noodle.

Mine: French Onion.

Sorry for the lack of work out news lately. I've decided I really just need to give my hip some true rest, not active rest, to see if that helps things along. What I'm really hoping to be able to do is get some great treadmill runs in on the boat. Something about being able to look out at beautiful blue waters while running really appeals to me.

Are you a planning person or do you like to be more spontaneous?

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  1. I like having a general idea and going with the flow. I try not to get too stressed out about anything because there are some things you just can't control!

    Glad you figured out some options!

  2. Wow, that sucks about the impending snow! Your plan sounds like a good one, though.

  3. Although the soup in a bread bowl thing always look delicious, I can't bring myself to do it. Can't wrap my head around the whole eating-your-dinnerware thing.

  4. I am definitely a planning person! Glad to hear you guys have a plan A, B, and C! That would make me feel so much better also!

  5. Glad to hear plans A, B and C are in place. And the soup looks tasty!

  6. I hope the snow stays away...driving to Florida is NOT super fun!!

    Bread bowl...soooo good.

    I love to plan...I'm not spontaneous at all!!

  7. Panera is where I first fell in love with French Onion soup, and that picture looks so delicious. I really want some Panera now, except there are no Panera's anywhere nearby.

    And I really hope the snow clears up so you're able to make your cruise. But at least you've come up with a few back-up plans

  8. so... if planes and trains are held up from the snow being so bad... your idea was to drive?!? don't ya think the roads would've been worse? ;)

    i can only say this because i know you are out safe and sound :)