Caribbean cruise recap

by - Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Recap video:

Full of pictures and video I shot on the trip. Good if you just want a quick overview of the trip. The rest of the post is full of more pictures.

At the time of my scheduled post from last Friday, I was chilling at some random Best Western in Orlando. As far as hotels go, it was nothing special, but it had a free airport shuttle and free breakfast and Hotwire had hooked us up with a pretty sweet price at the last minute.

I was happy to be out of D.C. and the "Snowpocalypse."

Our couple days in Orlando were pretty uneventful. We didn't have a car, we had no plans since we hadn't expected to be there until Saturday afternoon and tickets to Disney/SeaWorld/Universal were way more than we wanted to pay for some random entertainment.

We did hit the Florida Mall to pick up some sunscreen and check out M&M World.

Saturday night we were in a gorgeous Sheraton Suites, the hotel we had originally booked. The BF and I spent some time Saturday walking around outside, enjoying the nice weather.

But Sunday was when the fun really started.

It was still chilly at Cape Canaveral until we headed south to some warmer temps.

Our first day spent at sea we relaxed. Lounged by the pool, ate some good food and had our first formal night.

I think the BF looked rather handsome all dressed up.

Day Two was our first port of call: Labadee Haiti, Royal Caribbean's private island. There's been a lot of criticism of Royal Caribbean for continuing to stop in Haiti after the earthquake. But that's another story for another post.

Labadee was our beach day so more time for relaxation.

Day Three we went to Jamaica where we toured a gorgeous botanical garden.

And climbed a waterfall. Not too many pictures from the waterfall climbing because I didn't have a waterproof camera. From all the reading I'd done, it didn't seem like the water would be all that deep, but there were times when it came up to my waist. Sadly, the deeper than expected water killed the BF's iPhone.

Day Four was the day I was most looking forward to: Grand Cayman Island. GC is supposedly a gorgeous island and very wealthy compared to the two other places we'd been so far. I was looking forward to swimming with stingrays at Stingray City and touring a turtle farm.

Unfortunately, the weather was bad. Winds at something like 28 mph and very choppy waves. The tender boats weren't able to make it out to our ship and sailed off.

I was so upset, but tried not to let it ruin the day. Instead the BF and I tackled the rock climbing wall.

Let me tell you, that was a workout. My arms were aching when I had finished.

The next day the weather was much better for our day in Cozumel.

We had a final day at sea where the weather was overcast and chilly, but it was a nice relaxing day before we headed home on Sunday.

And I came home to this:

Back to reality and winter.

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  1. Looks and sound slike you two had a lot of fun! And you look beautiful, BTW!

  2. Looks like you two had a blast! And the formal night pictures? You guys look amazing!

  3. Your pics are gorgeous. You look great. I got a big giggle out of the pic of your car.

  4. Wonderful pics, Jess! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

  5. What a great dress! You guys are such a cute couple. Welcome back to the blizzard :-)

  6. LOVE all the photos! Especially on the formal night! You looked smokin girl!

  7. Wow, that looks so awesome!!! I've never been on a cruise but now you really make me want to go :)

  8. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. What a great time for you to get out.

  9. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Looks like you had such a great time!! I hate coming back to reality.. and snow.

  10. OH WOW...the snow! Looks like you had a great time!

  11. WOW! Looks like you had a blast!! No fun coming back home to all that least you got a nice break from it all. Welcome home!

  12. loooooooooove it. thanks for sharing so i can see the sun! you guys are a hot couple all dressed up :) boo for coming home though to all that snow ;)

    who did you book your cruise through? i sooo want to go on one now haha.