Vacation Panic

by - Wednesday, February 03, 2010

So my cruise to the Caribbean is in jeopardy right now because of stupid Mother Nature.

She wants to drop another 10+ inches of snow on the D.C.-are this weekend, which I can pretty much promise will ground all planes.

Without a plane, there's no easy way for me to get to Florida to get on the boat!

GAHH! I am in the middle of a major meltdown.

Here are my options:
1. Try to find an earlier flight to Florida. I think that's what everyone else is doing because they're all booked.
2. Drive to Florida. Yea it's 14 hours.

I just wanted to be able to go on vacation stress free, but apparently that's not going to be the case so now I'm off to look into rental car costs. Lucky me.

I'm just glad I'm working from home today so no one can witness this meltdown.

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  1. 14 hour car ride for a trip to the Carribbean? brainer...then again, there is always Amtrak....

  2. Oh hun! I am so sorry to hear this. Keep us posted. I will get you my guest post to you this evening, as soon as I am done tweaking it. *Hugs*

  3. that's it, i'm coming to pick you up. be there in 4 hours. oh if it were only that easy. good luck, that doesn't sound like fun. you might seriously want to look into taking a train down to florida.

  4. That sucks! I hope it works out for you (I'm sure it will!!)

  5. Doesn't Mother Nature know it's not nice to mess with people's vacation plans? Hope it all works out!