Airport Blogging

by - Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hey friends!

I'm blogging bright and early from Reagan National Airport in DC! I still have two hours until my flight because I got to the airport freakishly early.

Empty gate
Please note just how empty all the seats around me are

Flying makes me nervous. Having to take at the metro to the airport and wait in potentially really long security lines makes me stress about missing my flight, so I tend to overcompensate in the insanely early direction.

For what it's worth, major props to the TSA folks at DCA. They kept the security lines moving and I'm pretty sure I made it through security in about five minutes. And I didn't get body scanned! DCA security FTW!

So yes, I'm now through security chilling at my gate two hours before my flight is scheduled to leave for Orlando. The plane isn't even here yet.

It's OK though, being here two hours early means I have plenty of time to blog, catch up on email, empty out my Google Reader, and eat my super awesome breakfast:

Hardboiled egg
Hard boiled eggs rock! (And they are allowed through security)

OK this breakfast isn't really that awesome. I'll probably go explore the terminal at some point to find something a bit more substantial.

Until then I'll just be hanging out here, waiting for my coworker to arrive. My guess is that she'll get here at a much more normal time.

See you in Orlando!

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