Scenes from a Philly Run

by - Monday, June 27, 2011

Another day. Another work trip. Another run.

This week work sent me to Philly to exhibit at another conference. One of the biggest benefits of work travel is getting to run in new places. Not that Philly is all that new to me, I've run many, many races here and Philly is practically home, but it's still nice to mix it up and run somewhere other than DC.

I headed out this morning for a short run before the conference kicked off.

I ran past some of my favorite Philly sites:

City hall
City hall

Love park
Love park

The Art Museum
The Art Museum and the famous Rocky steps.

Rocky himself

Boathouse row
Boathouse row

I packed Garmin for this trip, but after waiting 10 minutes in front of my hotel for it to find satellites, I gave up and just used it as a watch. I ran exactly 40 minutes and according to MapMyRun, I ran a little more than four miles.

It was a solid run, and a perfect way to kick off my trip in Philly.

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