Skipped Run

by - Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I had the best intentions of waking up for a nice long run this morning out on Kelly Drive past the boat houses.

Boathouses on Kelly Drive
Boathouses on Kelly Drive

But it just didn't happen.

Turns out working out an expo all day will really take it out of you. My feet were sore this morning and my throat is killing me after talking for eight hours straight about how awesome my office's websites are.

Plus I ended up meeting up with my uncle and some of his coworkers for dinner after the conference wrapped up and ended up getting to bed much later than I expected.

East Stroudsburg teachers at dinner
Teachers at dinner

I'm going to count standing all day long and walking all over Philly as my workout for the day and hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to fit in that nice long run.

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