Blogging Makes the World Small

by - Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That's one of the biggest things I learned when I was in Orlando this week for work.

Sure I may have been hundreds of miles from home, but I knew I still had friends in Orlando and I was lucky enough to meet up with several of them Friday for a delicious dinner at Seasons 52.

Katy, my Fitbloggin' partner in crime, organized a mini-blogger meet-up dinner for while I was in town and I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, Ben and Kelly and Anthony.

The best part about meeting bloggers in person is that you just sort of pick up the conversation where the blogs leave off. It was easy to talk to Kelly about her wedding planning and pick Ben's brain for weight lifting tips. It's like you kind of already know what's going on in each others' lives.

I'm fairly confident I could travel just about anywhere in the country and find at least one blog friend to meet for dinner or lunch. I love how small blogging makes the world.

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