Running in Disney

by - Thursday, June 09, 2011

Good morning from Disney World!


My coworker and I arrived safe and sound in Orlando yesterday, and after a free upgrade to first class, we were pretty blissed out by the time we arrived to our hotel.

Seriously, I wish I could fly first class all the time.

Anyway, after a busy day of setting up for our conference exhibit, I was more than ready to get in a nice run around the resort this morning before the conference kicked off.

Hotel running shot
Ready to go!

I woke up bright and early and explored the lake path around my resort.

Lake near the hotel
Lake at the center of our resort

It wasn't a very long path so I ended up running three loops, which took me about 30 minutes or so. I have no idea how fast or slow I was going because I didn't pack Garmin. I already have about five million electronics packed for this trip and not nearly enough working outlets in my hotel room to charge them all, so I figured Garmin could stay at home for once.

more lake
Sorry for the blur I was running!

Part of the hotel
Part of the hotel

My run was pretty solid. It was the first run in ages where I didn't feel completely drained of energy or being attacked by massive side stitches.

And I even managed to survive the Orlando humidity.

Sweaty mess
Yes I am a sweaty mess

I'll chalk that one up as a win.

Sweaty running clothes hanging up to dry
Sweaty running clothes hanging to dry

I'm off for a busy day of exhibiting. This conference kind of reminds me of a huge race expo, except it's all education-related exhibitors instead of fitness ones. It's my first time as an exhibitor so wish me luck!

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