Forced Rest Makes Me Cranky

by - Monday, March 26, 2012

Does it ever seem like the whole world is out for a run whenever you're injured and can't be running?

That's sort of what I felt like yesterday. I've been resting and icing my knee ever since I experienced that sharp pain during my run on Thursday and ended up at home like this:

Well that run didn't go as planned. Thank goodness for @arcticease

I took Friday and Saturday as straight rest days, and by Sunday I was so antsy to do something that I figured I'd head to the pool.

As I was driving there, it seemed like every single D.C. resident had decided to go for a nice Sunday morning run even though it was kind of gloomy and overcast.

I was bitter. I was cranky. I wanted to pull my car over and join them on their runs.

Instead, I got in the pool and swam 3200 yards.

It was a bit more than I need to be swimming for my tris, but after two days of sitting around with lots of pent up energy, I needed to blow off some steam.

I plan to ice my knee some more at work today and then go out for a short run when I get home to see how it feels. Fingers crossed!

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  1. This sucks. Maybe you should go to the PT if it's not still now feeling better soon?