Houston We Have a (Knee) Problem

by - Friday, March 23, 2012

Last night, I couldn't bear the thought of spending such a gorgeous evening inside a gym swimming.

I'm a runner at heart and all I wanted to do was be outside.

So I decided to tweak my training plan a bit. Shift my swim to this weekend, and do an easy run instead.

Unfortunately, my knee had different plans.

Well that run didn't go as planned. Thank goodness for @arcticease
Chilling on the back porch with my knee wrapped in Arctic Ease

A few steps into my run, I could tell my legs were extremely fatigued and tight from my trainer ride on Tuesday and my run on Wednesday.

Then I noticed a sharp, biting pain in my right knee.

I stopped for a little bit to stretch, thinking loosening up my legs would help with the knee problems.

No dice.

I ran a few blocks further before I did an immediate about face and walked/limped back home.

I have absolutely no idea where this pain is coming from.

Yes, it is the knee I landed on when I crashed my bike a few weeks ago, but the bruise is almost completely gone, and this is the first time I'm experiencing the pain.

photo (30)
Right knee after bike crash

I assume if it was tied to the bike crash, my knee would have hurt every time I'd gone running since then.

Ugh frustrating.

Luckily, today is a rest day, so I plan to ice my knee like crazy. I'm hoping with some rest and ice that whatever this pain is will clear up and I'll still be able to do my six miler this weekend. Fingers crossed!

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