Running Is Better With Friends

by - Thursday, March 29, 2012

One of the things I love about running is sharing it with other people. I love running races with friends, I love answering their training questions and I was practically giddy when Tracy and Jason and Emily all started training for their first long distance races.


Runners on the bridge, Runners on the Tidal Basin Bridge


I love sharing shorter distance races with friends too, and I get so excited when people ask me to run their first race with them.

9/11 Memorial 5K

So imagine my excitement last Friday at happy hour when two of my friends decided to run their race in June and asked me to help them put together a training plan. (Yes I am that person who suckers her friends into athletic endeavors after they've had a few drinks, don't judge.)

Without furter ado, I'd like to introduce you to Lauren and Hadass, who will both be running the Lawyers Have Heart 10K in June. (Ladies, I shamelessly stole these pictures from Facebook).

Lauren's on the right

Lauren is a friend of mine from middle school and high school, who now lives in D.C. and is going to law school.


Hadass is a friend of mine from college who lives in D.C. and is a working lawyer.

Lawyers Have Heart seemed like an appropriate race.

The race is just about 10 weeks away, which is the perfect amount of time to train and get ready.

On my end, I've been looking at training plans with three days of running per week and a couple days of optional cross training mixed in. Given their busy lawyerly schedules, they both need a plan with lots of flexibility that wasn't too demanding, but would still get them across the finish line (hopefully with a smile on their faces.)

Training will officially start for them next Monday and I promise to share periodic updates on how things are going!

I am thrilled to have converted two more friends to the awesomeness that is running. If anyone else in the D.C. area is interested in joining us for the race on June 9, shoot me an email or leave me a comment, we'd be happy to have you!

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