Volleyball Season Wrap Up

by - Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Last night was our last regular season volleyball game. Sadly our team did not have one of the best performances ever, and I think it means we're going to get bumped out of a chance at the playoffs.

Intense team time out

I'm bummed that our season is over.

Game over

I signed up for this volleyball league back in November when my touch football league was ending and I was looking for another team sport to get me through the winter. I signed up with my friend Emily, but other than each other, we didn't know a single person on our team.

New volleyball friends

Our team was a mix of talent levels. We had some great servers, we had people who could dig really well. We lacked a little bit in the setting department, but as a team we always had fun.

Although I don't look like I''m having fun here

We were fairly competitive, but not to the point of being obnoxious. I mean it was a rec league after all.

We do coin flips with an app, not a real coin. How hi-tech of us

I ended up making some great friends through the league and I'm going to miss seeing them every week.

Purple was definitely the friendliest team in the league

Several people on the team, including Emily, are going to continue playing together in the spring, but I didn't sign up for the spring league because it just would have been too overwhelming with triathlon training really kicking into high gear and my softball league starting up in the next several weeks.

So for now, I'll be retiring my team "That's What She Sets" shirt. I'm really going to miss playing with them in the spring.

*All photos from our league's Facebook page.

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