Tri Training Week Week Five

by - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Last week was kind of an off-week of training for me. Between the bike crash on Sunday and then finding out my A-race was cancelled on Wednesday, it's safe to say I was not in a good place mentally for training last week.

week 5 training
Week 5 numbers

I still managed to fit in a few of my workouts, but after the announcement about the DC Tri being cancelled, all motivation went right out the window and the rest of the weekend was a wash.

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This Week:

Monday: Rest

After crashing my bike on Sunday my knee and shoulder were extremely sore and I thought it was smart to take Monday as a rest day to heal.

Tuesday: 30 minute bike outside

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I knew after the crash it was important to get right back on the bike or else I'd be too scared to do it later. Tuesday the weather was gorgeous and I decided to brave riding outside in traffic for the first time ever. This was pretty much an epic fail. I was too scared to ride in the drops, the road was too narrow and I was terrified the entire time. Not to self: no more riding in traffic for a while.

Wednesday: 6 mile run

You know how the first hot run of the season really kicks your butt? Well that was Wednesday's run. I finished all six miles, but they were at a slow and ridiculously hot crawl. I took many, many walk breaks during this run and polished off all the water I had carried with me. There was no shade to be found anywhere, which certainly didn't help things.

Thursday: Rest

And here is where the motivation backslide started. I was still mourning the loss of my A race and decided I'd rather sit on my butt and watch basketball all afternoon than do my pool workout. Plus my shoulder was still sore from the bike crash, and I legitimately wasn't sure if swimming would be a good idea. I could have subbed another workout though, but I just wasn't feeling it.

Friday: Rest

This is my scheduled rest day. I debated doing a run here since I knew Saturday would be hectic, but again, no motivation. Also, there was lots of basketball on.

Saturday: Marathon spectating.


I will always believe that marathon spectating is a killer workout. You're on your feet all day and running from point to point to cheer on your friends.

Sunday: 9 mile bike ride

It was a nice day out and Beach Drive was closed to traffic, so I figured I should take the bike out. It took me a little while, but I did manage to get into the drops, though it was the most awkward transition ever. I am still extremely nervous taking my hands off the handle bars, especially since that's what caused my crash. I know I need to practice this more or else I'm going to be SOL when it comes to fueling during an actual race.

Cyclists out there, do you have any tips on how I can practice riding one-handed without crashing my bike?

All-in-all it wasn't a great week of training, but it wasn't an awful one either.

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