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by - Friday, April 05, 2013

Antibiotics work wonders. When I felt this crap I've got going on moving into my ears on Wednesday, I made an appointment to see the doctor. Turns out I had a full blown sinus infection. Luckily for me, after just two doses of antibiotics, I'm starting to feel like myself again.

I hoped to workout this morning, but I'm still not 100 percent and the doctor warned me not to wear myself out. So yet another rest day. This is getting old.

Since I've been majorly lacking workout news to share, I figured I'd do my round up of books I read in March since I'm a few days late on that.

Might have gone juuuust a bit overboard at the library today

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I was on the waitlist for this forever at the library, and I finally got my hands on the Kindle copy sometime last month. This book was insane. Twists and turns everywhere with some seriously psychologically messed up characters. I get why it's been on the best seller list for so long because even thought parts of the book infuriated me, I couldn't stop reading. It was just that good. And the ending, well it just made me mad. It wasn't one of those books you put down where everything is tied up in a happy little bow, that's for sure.

The Forgotten by David Baldacci
This is another waitlisted book. I waited a few months to get my hands on this one, but it was worth the wait. This was one of Baldacci's better books in a while. His earliest books were by the far best, and I feel like in the last few years he'd hit a little bit of a slump. The books were good, but had started to get predictable. I didn't feel like that with the Forgotten. I a lot of the plot changes caught me by surprise. It was a great and suspenseful read that I couldn't put down. It definitely reminded me of classic Baldacci.

A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman
One of my free Kindle downloads. I'm usually not a fan of historical fiction at all, but this book, set in the late 1920s, really drew me in. I enjoyed the characters and the storyline of a young girl wanting to make it as a lawyer and fight for women's rights and the issues she runs into a long the way. I'd definitely call this a bit of chick lit. There was a lot of love story stuff running through the background, but it was smarter than most other chick lit. This is the first in a series of books by the same author, and I'm thinking about maybe reading the others. I thought the author told a really, really good story.

Have you read any good books this month? And did you read Gone Girl? I'm dying to hear what other people thought!

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  1. Laura4:01 AM

    I couldn't agree with you more about Gone Girl - loved it! Heard its gonna be made into a movie too :)