Summer Racing Plans: Bring on the 5Ks

by - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer isn't normally a time I'm looking to pack my calendar with races. It's hot and humid, and most days I'd rather be relaxing at my friend's pool sipping a margarita than out running any sort of race.

This is where I prefer to spend my summer days. With Tracy...on a raft

But lately, I've been getting tons and tons of emails about all these really fun-sounding 5Ks in and around DC this summer, and I'm finding myself wanting to sign up for all of them. (Email marketing at its finest I suppose.)

It doesn't help that a lot of my friends and coworkers have been encouraging me by telling me which races they are signing up for. If a friend's doing a race, there's a good chance I will want to do it too because then it's not just racing for the sake of racing. It's racing to hang out with friends, and social running is obviously the best kind!

Plus, after a brutal semester of struggling to find time to train for a long-distance race, mixing things up with short stuff might be just the mental break I need before I dive into training for my fall half marathon. (My coworker Emily and I signed up for this totally fun-sounding women's half just outside DC in September.)

Here's a quick look at some of the 5Ks I'm considering this summer: (Note I haven't actually registered for any of these yet, waiting until after this weekend's Nike half to pull the trigger.)

Clearly I've got a gap in my schedule for August races, so I might be looking to pick something up there.

DC friends, if you're running these or any others let me know! I'm apparently all about the 5Ks this summer.

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  1. Have fun with that!! i think I'm going to focus on 10Ks this year.

  2. Tracy4:40 AM

    I prefer to spend my summer days the same way! How ironic ;) Cant wait for some pool time & crabbing this summer! Lets just be sure to leave out the wine murderball this time, ha!

  3. Yea you've got a few things going on the books there. going to be a fun summer!

  4. Yay! I usually run with Striders so I will do the Woman's Distance festival!

  5. What about NY races? ;)

  6. You are brave to do all of these summer runs. I will do the LHH 10K (tempted by the 5k, though) and a small July 4th race in Arlington. Oh, and maybe the new Drenched 5K somewhere in Maryland (the water-sprinkler version of a mud run).

  7. Hey! stumbled on your blog looking for info on the Lawyers have heart 10K - awesome to read your recap. I'm strongly thinking about it, though hate the DC heat too. Nice to come across a fellow SPA!