Where I've Been

by - Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Baseball season is back!! Waahooo!!!

My favorite guys. Love being home and getting to read Philly sports coverage in print.

Yes, yes the Phillies may have lost last night, but I'm still so excited my favorite guys are back in my life!

If you've been wondering where I've been, I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. I just took a much needed long weekend at home at my parents' house...and then got sick.

If you've been reading for more than today, you know I've been a little bit overwhelmed this semester with everything I have on my plate. I love being busy, but that sometimes leads to my downfall.

My calendar this week makes me want to cry. Is it the weekend yet?

I say yes to too many projects and don't leave any time for myself.

As a result, I end up turning into a stressed out crazy person who never sees her friends (sorry friends) and neglects her health. Working out and healthy eating have definitely taken a back seat as I try to manage everything I've got going on.

So the weekend at home, away from DC, away from all my responsibilities, couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I did nothing more taxing this weekend than going shopping with my mom. I read a lot, watched a bunch of basketball, spent time with my family. It was good.

My current read love David Baldacci books. #suspense #thrillers. #goodreads

Except for the getting sick part.

As for that, I'm fairly certain it's one of those "let-down" sicknesses. You know the kind that happen when you've been all go-go-go for weeks and months on end and then you give yourself a second to decompress and it's like wham, all the germs in the world attack your immune system, which has now let down its guard.

I'm fending it off the best I can....lots of fluids, cough drops, tissues and decongestant medicine, but I still sound a little bit like a man.

Hopefully this won't hang on for toooo long. Being sick is the pits.

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  1. ahhh yes
    feel better!

  2. The Mets were the big winners yesterday, which really just means we aren't toast... yet. Yay for baseball!

  3. Cubs win! Cubs win! That won't last long...

    Hopefully your sickness goes away as quickly as the Cubs winning season will...

  4. Hello Phillies! Last night was a tad disappointing. Though Chase? Not so much! It's one game. There's still 161 to go.

    Feel better soon! Hopefully it doesn't stick around long!