Run for Boston

by - Thursday, April 18, 2013

I always knew the running community was made up of some pretty amazing people, but never has that been more evident than this week in the outpouring of love and support after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Every time I've opened Twitter since Monday afternoon, I've been overwhelmed by the way the running community has banded together to show its support for Boston.

We wore race shirts to work on Tuesday to show support.

Race shirt under my blazer today. #runchat #boston

We've set out on countless runs to #runforBoston.


Community runs are being organized in almost every major city in the country. I've seen several events happening in DC over the next several days. DC friends, which events are you planning to attend?

(If you're not in DC, Pavement Runner has a great list of BostonStrong runs happening on Monday across the country. I recommend checking out his site if you want to see what's going on in your city.)

On yesterday's run, I passed several other people out for runs of their own. Some wore race shirts, some didn't, but every single one of them nodded and smiled at me as we passed each other. It was as if there was some unspoken bond of solidarity.

It's like we were in it together, healing in the only way we knew how - by lacing up our shoes and pounding the pavement. Running for those who never got to cross the finish line in Boston and those who may never get to take another step again.

Taking my new Sauconys for a spin. Why yes they are so bright they reflect off my shins. #findyourstrong

I'm still deeply sadden by the bombings in Boston, but I have been amazed at the way our community has pulled together. It makes me so, so proud to be part of this group.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I read one yesterday about the Boston tragedy that said the bomber just pissed off a lot of people who can run faster than he can and don't give up. It's very inspiring to see everyone pulling together.

  2. Kelli W6:32 AM

    Hi Jess,
    Long time reader, first time poster. :) I live near DC as well, and came across your blog a year or two ago looking for race recaps of the MCM - I'll run my 5th MCM later this year. I've never commented before, but I thought this was a great post. I feel like I've had a really different reaction than the majority that I've (and you've) seen on facebook and social media.

    I tried to head out to Burke Lake Park on Tuesday afternoon and run a lap to clear my head, but I was struck by the fear that hit me. I suddenly thought that running from my car and cell phone alone on a trail (despite being surrounded by plenty of people enjoying the nice day) was just the dumbest thing I could do. I felt completely vulnerable and exposed. I have a treadmill at home, so I haven't quit running, I just can't shake that feeling of...apprehension? dread? something...

    I'm doing the Wounded Warrior 5k on Saturday, so I'll get out and run then, but I wonder how long the fear and sadness will last.

  3. I'm in runner in DC and I'm interested in the run for boston community runs that are going on but this is the first time I'm hearing about them. Can you share any info you have?

    PS. I love how you dressed up your running shirt for work.

  4. Hey Beth! Here's a pretty good list of several of the community runs in DC:

  5. Hi Kelli

    Thanks for the comment! I hope you can shake the feeling of apprehension soon, but in the meantime, maybe it would help to carry your phone on your runs, that way you won't feel so cut off. Just a suggestion! Good luck on your 5th MCM!