A Week of Training and Puppy Pictures

by - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes I really do love having a training plan, it's especially helpful when my weeks get crazy and I need some structure to my workouts.

That was definitely the case this past week. Between puppy-sitting for Kylie, and softball and getting ready for a big office move, it was a chaotic week.


But I managed to fit in all my workouts last week, go me!

Here's what the week looked like.

Monday: CrossFit
Lift was cleans and push presses. I can't remember what I cleaned/push pressed but I'm guessing it was around 55 lbs based on what I did last night.
The conditioning portion was lots of running and squats:

  • 10 Front Squats

  • Run 200 Meters

  • 8 Front Squats

  • Run 200 Meters

  • 6 Front Squats

  • Run 200 Meters

  • 4 Front Squats

  • Run 200 Meters

  • 2 Front Squats

  • Run 200 Meters


Tuesday: 3 mile run
Nice and easy before the sun was up.

Tuckered out after an afternoon of backyard exploring.

Wednesday: CrossFit
Lift was snatch grip deadlifts

  • 4 rounds:

  • 15 2KB Cleans

  • 7 2KB Front Squats

  • 1 Sled Push

Sled pushes are brutal.

Thursday: 45 minute walk with Kylie and softball

Someone has wiggled her way into my heart...and my bed. #dogsofinstagram

Friday: Rest

Saturday: CrossFit
Push Press - I maxed out at 65 lbs. I tried to do 75 and got the bar over my head and then it came flying down behind me. Apparently I should have bailed on the bar faster and not tried to save it. But live and learn. I was proud of myself for attempting to put that much weight overhead.

Conditioning was more sled pushes and heavy kettlebell carries.

Sled pushing this morning @CFsilverspring

Usually I push a sled with 50 pounds, which is what I did for the first three pushes. Then coach decided I could push a sled with 100 pounds, uphill and downhill. I did OK, on the uphill part, but I hit a rock or something and completely stopped at one point and couldn't get going again. Coach helped me get moving and I finished it off. Downhill was a different story. I got the sled moving OK, but then lost momentum and traction. My shoes kept slipping on the ground and I just couldn't make the sled go. Coach helped me get started again and I managed to get the sled across the finish line.

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  1. Crossfit is something that's new to me. I might try to add up on my list and try to seek for classes, I can feel it's a good workout. You look adorable and your puppy too. Thanks for sharing your routine, that's pretty interesting!