Playing Softball With Eight People

by - Friday, June 28, 2013

The past few weeks while Jon and Sarah have been out of town on their honeymoon, I've been coaching our softball team. Coaching basically means I attempt to get enough people to show up at the field on time and then come up with a lineup.

Finally got my softball jersey last night! Love it!

It's been a tricky few weeks for finding players, with people on vacation and various injuries cropping up, and last night, we just didn't have enough for a full squad. Usually we play with 11 people: 10 in the field and a designated hitter.

Last night, we started with nine in the field. Starting the first inning, I was a little bit nervous that our beautifully undefeated record might be marred.

Pitching three

But we got out of the first half inning quickly and then bat around in the bottom of the first. By the bottom of the third inning, we were up 15-0

Then our third baseman comes over to me and says he's got to leave because he has a date. Since the game was running late, he really had to bolt. So, we were down to eight people, which meant every time his spot in the batting order came up, we took an automatic out.

Holly at bat

Obviously our coverage in the field was spotty. I think we played with two outfielders, a pitcher, catcher and someone at first, second and short stop, and then had our other player drift between third base and left field as necessary. It was a really special set up.

The other team got two runs in the 4th and another run or two in the 5th before we called it because a storm was rolling in and we were pretty much at the mercy rule.

I'm glad we got out of there with the W last night with our very shorthanded team, but man I'm hoping when we get back from our 4th of July break, that everyone is back in town and we can actually have a full roster for these games.

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  1. I remember having to deal with a shortage of players back when I played soccer. Good teams are still good, but it's a whole lot harder when you can even fill the field. Glad you were still able to pull out a win! That says a lot about how good your team is.