Happy National Running Day!

by - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Happy National Running Day to all my runner friends! I plan to go out for a short run over my lunch break today to celebrate.

Like my badge says, I use running to maintain my sanity and after three straight days of work slammed with meetings, today's lunch time run will definitely be a nice way to clear my head and keep my sanity in check.

The Rock n Roll Marathon series is also offering $20 discounts today on all their U.S. races. So if you were thinking about signing up for any of them, today might be a good day to do it.

Do you plan to run today in celebration of National Running Day?

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  1. I might run after work. I didn't realize it was national running day or I would have planned to run in the morning to make sure it happened.

  2. I ran 2 miles early this morning after running 4 miles last night. My legs are officially TOAST in honor of National Running Day!

  3. I get that too. After such a hard race on sunday, last night I had to get an easy 45 minutes on the bike just to get some sanity back. i was starting to yell at the kids too much. ugh. This morning's run was fraught with GI issues, so that wasn't fun either, but I got my miles in.