The "Non-Training" Training Plan

by - Monday, June 10, 2013

Ever since I started teaching back in January, the idea of a training plan went completely out the window. I was lucky to fit in workouts here and there when I could between work and class and grading.

I usually managed at least one long run on the weekends and one other shorter run during the week, as well as a couple CrossFit classes. It was stressful, but I made it work the best I could.

Would have loved to run longer, but something is better than nothing. #whatsbeautiful #nationalrunningday

Now that teaching is over, I haven't really gotten myself back to a regular workout routine. I'm still sort of just picking a few workouts to do here and there and enjoying having free time again.

I'm not training for anything at the moment, so I certainly don't need to be on a rigid training plan dictating the number of miles I run and the pace at which I run them, but I could stand to have a bit more structure in my running life.

Definitely going to be tricky breaking my 5K PR in this heat. #whatsbeautiful #fitfluential

Especially as the weather gets warmer and fitting in runs is going to require early mornings.

So I'm introducing the non-training training plan:

  • 3 days of running per week

  • 2 days of CrossFit per week

Runs during the week will range anywhere from 3-5 miles depending on time. I'd ideally like to fit in one longer run on the weekends, but I'm not going to kill myself to hit double digits. I'd be happy with longer runs in the six to eight mile range, but if there are some weekends when I can only fit in a three miler, well then that's fine too.

My @Saucony Kinvaras make me fast. #findyourstrong #latergram

CrossFit is pretty self-explanatory. I pay to take two classes each week, and I'd like to do that.

I figure a plan like this keeps me accountable, but doesn't make me stress out over fitting in certain mileage on certain days.

Have you ever followed a training plan when you weren't actually training for anything?

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  1. I've pretty much trained for nothing my whole life. Even in high school I got up at 4:30 to workout even though I was not an athlete. I just do it because I appreciate what my body can do.

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