My Four-Legged Houseguest

by - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Meet my houseguest for the week:

Someone has wiggled her way into my heart...and my bed. #dogsofinstagram

This is Kylie. She's my friends' boxer puppy and I'm keeping an eye on her this week while my friends are off at their brother's wedding.

She's pretty much the cutest thing I've laid eyes on, and I think we're going to have a really fun week together.

We had a minor disagreement last night over where she would be sleeping. See, I imagined her sleeping in her own bed. She however, imagined she'd be sleeping in my bed. Eventually her little puppy cries broke my heart and I caved, which is pretty much exactly what my friend predicted would happen.

Apparently I'm a huge softie when it comes to adorable puppies.

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  1. haha yes! aren't puppies adorable? We haven't caved about letting her on our bed (yet), but our puppy definitely won the couch battle. Enjoy your week of lots of snuggles.

  2. So cute!! I would love to have a dog but can't take on that responsibility yet. A weekend guest would be fun, though!

  3. She is so cute!!! I remember when our boxer was that little...let him sleep in our bed and now every morning he comes into our room to sleep the last couple hours of the night with us...bad habits but he is too cute to say no too! Enjoy your week being a puppy mommy!!

  4. Brian J12:22 PM

    It's cute when they're puppies...You try to explain to your g/f that it's not a good idea to let him on the bed and you'll regret it in a few months. She doesn't listen and next thing you know you have a 90 pound dog jumping on your bed at 3 am and somehow taking up half a king sized bed.