Dropping Times

by - Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Time: 31:09
Distance: 3 miles

Whoo that is so close to almost a 10 minute mile! I love it! I was really surprised when I mapped my route out on Gmaps though and saw that it was 3.00 miles. I mean I felt like I was running faster than I usually run, but I didn't feel like I was going quite that fast. (Okay, it's fast for me, anyway.)

And to be able to go that fast after killing my legs in kickboxing last night....well I am super proud of myself. My legs are feeling it now though. They were not very keen on my walk to the Metro Bus stop this morning and were even less happy about the three block walk from the Metro station to work. (Because really I could take the Metro one more stop and be at my office, but getting off one stop earlier and walking the three blocks saves me from having to change lines).

But the legs have a long day of sitting in a desk chair ahead of them to rest up before I have to walk the three blocks back to the Metro station to go home.

In relation to my quicker running times, one of my goals had been to run my up-coming half marathon in two and half hours. And in order to do that, I knew I was going to need to drop some time. I just hadn't expected it to happen so naturally. I didn't go out this morning thinking, okay let's do a little bit of speed today. I went out thinking, okay let's get a nice run in keeping a steady pace.

As far as training goes, this week has really rocked and I wish all weeks could be like this. I'm just worried that with so much good luck I'm bound to hit a snare somewhere (most likely coming as a result of softball) I was going to post a picture of my last injury, but I didn't want to five days later, if that gives you any indication of how ugly it was and still is.

Anyway, off to a day spent harassing people so they will send me samples of powerbars and gu and sports beans, etc.

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