Too Good to Be True

by - Monday, June 25, 2007

Time: I don't even know
Distance: See above

I was so frustrated with my run this morning. Or I guess more exactly, I'm frustrated with my inability to run. When I woke up my legs were tired, but hey that's nothing new. It was a crazy weekend (which I will get to in a minute) so I figured there would be tiredness.

I started out, ran for about 15 minutes and ouccchhhh pain!!! I stopped and stretched my calves which were insanely tight and probably causing the shin splint in my left leg. Stretching usually helps so I started off slow figuring I'd be able to complete the 40 minutes the training plan called for just at a slower pace. Well after about three more minutes of running I had to stop and walk. And it figures I would be at the complete opposite end of campus from my apartment and I had like a 20 minute walk back. Yea it sucked. Not the best way to start off a grey Monday morning.

But really, I had to hit a rough patch at some point, my training was going a little too smoothly.

Anyway enough negativity for one post. Now on to filling you all in the super fun details of my weekend.

Let's start with Friday: My boss at the gym told me about this all women's gym awhile back that offers cardio-strip tease/cardio-pole dancing aerobics classes. My friends and I thought we'd try it out for fun last semester and we had an awesome time. (I think I wrote about it before) So we took my two friends who are staying down here for the summer and we all loved it and laughed and had a great time looking absolutely ridiculous.

Then my roommate's boyfriend and some of her friends from Penn State came to visit for the night, so we threw a little party at my place. It was a good time. I got two hours of sleep, which I learned on Saturday morning, certainly isn't sufficient for playing softball.

So moving on to Saturday: Due to lack of sleep, my softball performance was less than stellar. We lost both games, but whatever we have a good time and that's all that matters in this league. After that game about five of us went out to grab lunch, which was so awesome because I was hanging out with work people as friends not as bosses and the little intern. So that was fun, we went to a deli and probably ended up hanging out for two hours talking about all kinds of random stuff.

I came home grabbed a quick shower and nap before heading out to dinner with my cousin and her family and boyfriend for her birthday. It was the first time I'd met her boyfriend and he was a really nice guy and it was first time in a while I'd seen her and her family. After dinner, we checked out her brother's new apartment which was really nice and then I headed home where I proceeded to pass out kind of early because of my two hours of sleep.

Sunday morning was a trip to the farmer's market to pick up some fruits and veggies and then back to the apartment to hang out out of the heat. We all took a trip to the grocery store in the evening to get stuff to make smoothies and then it was just a fun evening of chilling and watching a movie.

All in all it was a super stellar weekend, and I'm hoping this week flies by so that next weekend will rock just as much!

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  1. sounds like the weekend was tons of fun. sorry about your crappy run, but that tends to make you appreciate the good ones more! make sure you stretch & ice if you think you need it. i hate tight calves, i get them all the time.

  2. Two hours of sleep isn't sufficient for anything. You poor thing!

  3. Oh my goodness I hope you get some rest!! I have tight calves as well! It's so hard to get them stretched!