Short and Long runs

by - Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thursday: Time: 25:00 Distance: 2ish
Friday: Time 1:00:00 Distance: 5

I ended up bumping my long run this week to Friday because I was supposed to have softball on Saturday. Unfortunately, softball got rained out (as in Friday night we had a 12 minute thunderstorm and apparently by Saturday morning the fields were still too messy to play on)

So yesterday, I took a really easy day and did a whole lot of nothing. Oh, that's a lie. I got a manicure and pedicure with two of my friends from home who are spending the summer in College Park too.

Thursday's short run wasn't anything special. My legs felt really sluggish though and I was glad it was a short run day. I didn't even really stick to a specific route either. I just kind of ran around all the random paths that cut through campus, so I don't have a very good estimate of how long distance-wise I went. It was a good change of pace though, to not follow a set route.

Friday's long run went much better than I thought it would. I was expecting my legs to still be sluggish from Thursday. Also it would have been my third day in a row running without a cross-training day mixed in. But surprisingly, the run went really well. I started off slow, and did my first mile about 30-45 seconds longer than usual just to get my legs going and not burn them out too fast.

From there though it was pretty smooth sailing. The hills were kind of a bitch, especially becuase it was so ridiculously hot and humid outside. The run zapped me of so much energy that I ended up going to be at like 10:30 Friday night because I was so exhausted.

Today's another rest day. And then back to training and running on Monday. Hope you're all having great weekends!

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  1. Have a nice weekend.  Good luck with your continued training.

  2. Great job! Nice runs!