Good Run, Strange Bump

by - Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time: 31:56 (or maybe it was 58)
Distance: 3.06 miles

I was surprised by how not tired I was this morning when I popped out of bed to go running, but the Metro must make me sleepy or something because I am seriously crashing now. I wish I liked coffee, I could sure use it on a day like today or yesterday.

The run this morning went well. The weather was gorgeous. Temps in the low 60's with a gentle breeze and plenty of sunshine. I don't have anything super special to report about the run. My left calf was a little tighter than usual when I got back so I stretched it a little more, but other than that everything seems to be going well.

One random thought: If you remember from a couple of posts back, when I got hit in the shin with a softball and got that huge bruise that looked like a second knee. Well most of the bruising has gone away by now. There's still a little bit left though. And there's definitely still a bump. Should I be worried about that? It's still a little bit tender to the touch, but it doesn't hurt to run or anything. Any thoughts?

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  1. as long as it doesn't hurt when running, i'd still run. you should probably put some ice on to get rid of the swelling

  2. 31:56 sounds "special" to me :) i'm not sure about the bump, perhaps a calcium build up?

  3. As long as it's getting a little better each day I am sure it's fine. If it doesn't keep healing or it gets worse I would go to the doc. I think your run was awesome!