Friday Rocks

by - Friday, June 22, 2007

Time: 55:06
Distance: 5 miles

Today's run was only supposed to be three miles, but it was so gorgeous outside and I was feeling so good that I stretched it into five. And if you notice that time, I was thisclose to averaging 11 minute miles. Not that I'm disappointed in my time or anything like that. I'm super excited that I'm running at a faster pace. It rocks. So long 12-minute miles; hello faster times for me!

And I wanted to squeeze another quick strength training session in because I've decided it's really important and it's something I don't do enough of. It was still really basic stuff, lunges, squats crunches, push-ups, but I think the fact that I'm strength training, even if it's only twice a week is making a difference.

If nothing else, I have one of those scales that measures body fat percentage. I know they aren't super accurate or anything, but I just like having an idea of where I fall on the spectrum out of pure curiousity. And I thought that I'd check the body fat percentage today, and it had dropped a full percentage point from the last time I checked, which I think was sometime last week. So that might be something I start keeping a closer eye on. I'm a numbers person and I love having different numbers to think about, times, distances, and now body fat percentages. Cool stuff.

I'm super excited for softball tomorrow, as always. It's just such a great time, and unfortunately there are only two more weeks left in the season. That makes me sad. I'm going to miss hanging out with all the cool people I met at my internship and then became closer with through softball.

Anyway, I hope everyone has awesome weekends!

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  1. Your runs are looking so awesome!! Great job! Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice job on the 5 miles! I would love to have that kind of time on a 5 miler! Way to go!

    Hope softball went well... have a superb weekend!

  3. hope softball and your weekend went well :)