I'm Back!

by - Tuesday, June 05, 2007

EDIT: As promised, here are Mays totals:
Time: 7 hours 19 minutes and 24 seconds
Distance: 35.7 miles

So I've been away for a pretty long time and I have some serious updating to do. I'll try to keep it brief though.

Two weeks ago was the week I was at the beach. And it was amazingly fun and awesome. We had gorgeous weather. It was sunny every day so we had plenty of beach time and plenty of chill hang out time.

I was able to get in three runs down at the beach, which isn't bad considering I fell asleep on the beach one day accidentally and woke up with sunburn all day the back of my legs and it hurt to bend my knees. Because of the sunburn I seriously questions how many runs I'd be able to get in.

But I got in three and here's the stats:
Sunday: 3 miles in a little over 34 minutes (I had the exact times written down but seem to have lost the paper)
Tuesday: 3 miles in about 36 minutes (had some seriously calf tightness going on and had to stop and stretch half way through)
Wed: 3 miles 43 minutes (again had calf tightness. Stopped and stretched around mile one. Ended up having to walk most of mile two and all of mile three)

The week after the beach I was back home in PA. I only ran once. But I kickboxed twice and did strength training three times.

Stats for the run:
Wed: 4 miles 49:22 I learned from this run that if you aren't running regularly on hills they will kill you. I also learned Maryland is very flat. PA is very not. I ran the first mile quicker than mile normal pace and was feeling really good until I hit mile two which is straight uphill the whole time. I ran most of it, but towards the end of mile two I started to walk. But for the rest of the way I had to alternate running with walking. Miles two, three and four all had hills. (The ones in two and three were huge....miles fours wasn't too bad)

And now I am back in College Park, where the ground is flat and where my schedule has seriously calmed down without class to worry about. I'm interning four days a week at a wire-service in DC. I'm teaching Boot Camp, Kickboxing and Abs class on night a week at the gym. And in the rest of my time I'm half-marathon training.

I got in a good run yesterday morning. Boy was it humid out though. It had rained all day Sunday and Monday morning there were still lingering showers and the humidity was ridiculous. But the run went well, faster than I expected.

Monday: 3 miles-ish (I have to look up the exact distance on gmaps) in 35:51.

Today was a short strength training segment this morning and then teaching all my classes at the gym tonight.

I will have May tallies for time and distance posted soon and I will work on getting updated on everyone else's blogs too.

But for now, I'm getting ready for work and then heading out.

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  1. Great job on the training so far despite the sunburn. Ouch!