Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Goals

by - Thursday, April 08, 2010

Good morning!

We are still getting way above average temps in these parts (high 80's, low 90's), which is certainly making my running interesting.

Yesterday was the first time in ages that I went out for an early morning run before work. Since my commute is so long, I usually have to run after work most days, but on the days I work from home I can attempt to beat the heat.

I didn't get out there super early so the sun was already blazing and I found myself doing a lot of walking, especially on the uphills. It was a slow, hot 4.5 miles, but I didn't totally hate it.

It was also my last training run before the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this weekend.

So now it's time for some race goals.

First and foremost, have fun! This has been my primary race goal since I started running. I want to cross the finish line smiling and ready to race again.

As far as time goals, I have a few things in mind. The weather on race day looks to be pretty decent for running. About 49 degrees at the start and creeping up to the mid-50's by the time I expect to finish. If that forecast doesn't change, those are absolutely ideal running conditions.

My first time goal is to finish in 1:40:00. That would mean I'd have to average 10 minute miles.

My reach goal is to finish with an average of 9:40 minute miles. After my nine mile run two weeks ago, when I was able to hold that pace and feel strong the whole time, I'm making it an official goal. It's a reach and it would require lots of things to fall into place perfectly, but you never know.

I'm making myself pace bands for both times, using this nifty tool on the Runner's World website because I can't for the life of me do math while running. I've tried. It's not pretty.

I'm super excited to race this weekend. The weather looks to be gorgeous, the Cherry Blossoms will provide some awesome scenery and I'm itching to dive into race season.

For laughs, here's an old school picture of me at the Cherry Blossom Festival my sophomore year of college. I look about five years old.

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