Fake Boobs and Ask Me Anything

by - Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have you all seen this monstrosity? Heidi unveiled to the world her new bikini body sometime this week. At best, I think she looks just a weeee bit out of porportion.

At worst, she has been cited saying she can no longer run because her new fake boobs make it too painful. She also can't give hugs because it hurts too much!

Seriously, when did we as a society become so obsessed with looks that we began sacrificing bodily functionality to achieve the "perfect" body. Being unable to give hugs? That's nuts!

And, where the heck did that idea of perfect come from? Because it is messed up.

To make sure I wasn't the only one thinking that, I took an informal poll of some of my guy friends. Some of their responses:

"Barbie boobs, they in no way, shape, or form look real."

"Unless you are making a living off those things you look stupid."

"If you have boobs that big you are an attention whore."

[Update] Just got one of the boys who thinks her boobs are awesome. In all fairness I suppose I should include his thoughts too.

"If she was fat, it would be gross, but since her body is already great, they in turn are great as well."

While I don't agree with that sentiment, it's his opinion and I asked them to be brutally honest.

[Update] Just got this response in, and I liked it a lot so I'm sharing the whole thing:

"As a guy, bigger boobs are awesome :). But i think its kinda ridiculous for a girl to get boobs like that and not even be able to run anymore. I think people that have plastic surgery like that have some issues. I'm sure someone out there in this crazy world is going to like the way you look. "beauty is only skin deep" But obviously she has some issues."

Thanks for your honesty guys and for playing along!

I know I would much rather have a strong, capable body than look "perfect." But hey, maybe that's just me.

Stepping off my soapbox and on to another topic entirely, since tomorrow's this bloggy's blogiversary, I have some fun and games for around here. First off, tomorrow I'll be hosting a super sweet giveaway. So make sure you come back to check it out.

And secondly, I've been holding off on doing the "Ask Me Anything" craze that swept blogland a few months ago for this very occasion. It's a chance for you to get to know me better. To ask me a question go here. It's completely anonymous, so feel free to ask me anything you like, running, personal, general life views, etc.

I'll accept questions until Friday and then answer them sometime next week. Don't be shy. I promise to answer all the questions, unless they are vastly inappropriate.

Happy Hump Day!

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