My Weekend in PA

by - Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We had beautiful weather here in PA and my mom and I took full advantage of it all weekend.

On Friday, we hit the outdoor outlets where I was able to score some great bargains: a cute shirt from Ann Taylor, a dress for my friend's wedding and a bunch of new sports bras.

I needed some replacement things after I did a major purge of my current wardrobe.

These bags are full of clothes that either don't fit or haven't been worn in more than a year. I'm donating all of them. I suddenly have room in my closet again.

I was seriously disappointed in the finds in the Under Armour outlet. The bargains weren't great and I couldn't find booty shorts in my size. I didn't end up buying a single thing there. Crazy right?

I did manage to score some booty shorts at Sports Authority on Saturday.

I took them for a test drive during my six mile run. They worked wonderfully.

What didn't work wonderfully was having a big bowl of ice cream for lunch and eating nothing else before heading out for a run three hours later. Major nutrition fail! Needless to say my six miles was a struggle. PA is hilllly. And my stomach was miserable for the rest of the night.

My stomach cramps went away over night so I was able to enjoy Easter "linner" (Late lunch/early dinner) with my family yesterday.

It took us about five tries to get a good pictures because I kept squinting into the sun, but we finally managed.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends too!

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