Recovery Running

by - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sometimes after races I don't know if it's best to let me legs rest for an entire day or go out for an easy recovery run. Usually I go with rest and go for that recovery run two days out, but last night the weather was so gorgeous that I wanted to be outside enjoying it. Plus after a crazy busy day at work, I needed to decompress.

So in the evening I set off for a nice easy recovery run. I kept the pace slow and relaxed and in the beginning took plenty of walk breaks.

My legs felt pretty heavy, but it wasn't anything too awful and even the hills didn't seem all that bad.

Originally, I had planned to do about three miles, but I wasn't ready to go home yet, so I opted for four.

But then I was feeling so good, I took the turn to that would make it four and a half.

By that point my legs felt great and I wasn't taking any more walk breaks.

Since the weather was so wonderful and there was absolutely no humidity (a rare occurrence around these parts), I figured what the heck, I'd round out my run with another half mile for a nice five mile recovery run.

Average pace: 10 minutes per miles.

It was glorious. I came home and stretched for a good long time and did some foam rolling.

My legs were still a little tired, but I think the run definitely helped work out some of the kinks.

Do you go on recovery runs the day after a race or do you wait longer?

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