Frederick Half Marathon goals

by - Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's almost race weekend again and I'm going to be getting my last training run in tonight. After that, it's time to trust the training and my legs to carry me through my first half marathon of the season.

Training Review:
My 11 miler two weeks ago went awesome. I averaged slightly under 10-minute miles and felt great until the very end when my piriformis started tightening up. The last two weeks I've only run a handful of times. The first time after the 11 miler was painful. So I rested some more.

My run Tuesday was pain free and would have been great if not for the feeling like I'm about to puke thing. I'm hoping tonight's run will give me a little confidence boost, but I'm fairly certain I can have an awesome race this weekend.

Weather Forecast for Sunday:

Temps in the high 80's
Starting line temp: 67 degrees

I'm actually grateful that the race is starting at 6:30 a.m. We've been having really moderate weather here lately, but this weekend looks to be a scorcher, which could do some damage on my race times. According to the "trusty" weather reports, it looks like it shouldn't be much warmer than 70 by the time I finish. Fingers crossed that doesn't change too much. I'm also hoping there's some shade on the course. 13 miles in the sun could be rough.

1. Have fun and enjoy a new race.
2. Break my current PR of 2:14:17.
3. Finish in 2:10.

I plan to carry water and extra Gus with me because I've learned during hotter races, you can't always rely on the aid stations to have everything you need. Plus I don't want to get stuck in huge back up at aid stations. Knowing I have my own stuff gives me the option to pass them if I need to. As much as I hate carrying a water bottle while I'm running, it's the smart thing to do.

As far as race outfit, I've got a super cute new one to debut. I've worn it on some training runs and know it works well. I'll be rocking my new booty shorts (which I'm in love with) and a super cute Under Armour tank.

One more run to go and I'm all set to race!

Bring it on!

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