24 Things To Do in My 24th Year

by - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A few weeks ago I asked you all for ideas for complete my list of 24 things to do in my 24th year, and I want to say a huge "Thank You!" for all the suggestions you gave me.

I've been mulling the list over and I think I have it in pretty finalized form.

So as promised, here is my list.

24 Things to Do in My 24th Year:

Fitness related:
1. Run a marathon
2. Run each popular race distance (5k, 10k, half marathon, etc) one more time since it's my last year in the 20-24 age group.
3. Win an age group award. This requires finding a very small race.
4. Find and stick with some sort of strength training routine.
5. Break 2 hours in a half marathon.
6. Volunteer at a race.
7. Find a balance between having fun and sticking to a training plan.

8. Go to Bermuda and or the Bahamas
9. Swim with dolphins
10. Spend at least one weekend at the beach completely unplugged to recharge my batteries.
11. Visit a place I’ve never been before. A friend of mine one year made it his mission to see one new place each month for a year. I always thought that was a cool idea.

Friends and Family:
12. Stay in touch with friends, who are all spread out now, whether that be through phone or email.
13. Spend more time with my family. That includes cousins locally and family back in PA.

14. Start saving to buy a house. Not that I’m anywhere close to ready to do this, but it will be good to have some money set aside.

Self Improvement:
15. Read at least one book a month. (Ideally more)
16. Try meditation.
17. Go to more cultural events/festivals in my area. I live near DC and I never take advantage of it like I should.
18. Complete a cross word puzzle without having to Google any answers
19. Learn how to take better pictures. Maybe take a photography class.
20. Find time to volunteer with organizations I care about.
21. Unplug at least a half hour before I go to bed. Take that time to read or relax.
22. Be more spontaneous and less "type-A everything must be planned days/weeks in advance". Learn to roll with it.
23. Break out of my comfort zone and try some new restaurants instead of always relying on the same few.
24. Do something that scares the pants off me. I’m not sure what this will be yet, but I'm always open to ideas.

Well there you have it. Some of the things will be easy to do, like reading a book a month and trying new places to eat. Others will definitely be more of a challenge. But that's the point.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions. I'm looking forward to some really great experiences this year!

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