Three Things Thursday

by - Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Thursday! Just one more day until the weekend!

Here are three random things I'm thinking about this week.

1. Running. My legs finally feel mostly back to their old selves so I went on a nice, easy run this morning. My IT band started barking around mile 1.5 so instead of the four I planned to do, I headed home and finished off with a 5K. Followed it up with some foam roller. Holy ouch.

2. Michael Vick. Vick was named the starting quarterback for the Eagles earlier this week. Hollla, maybe we'll keep winning games!!! Vick > Kolb. But now of course all the Vick haters are out in full force, and you know what, I'm over it! People, I don't think what the man did was right. In fact, I think it was despicable, but I think it's about time we all get over it. He served his time, he apologized, what the heck else is he supposed to do? So everyone back off my starting QB.

3. The weekend. I have so many fun things planned! Friday night I'm going to the Baltimore Aquarium to watch the dolphin show because tickets are super cheap. Saturday is my BFF's birthday so we're going out in DC and Sunday I'm going to a giant country music concert. It's going to be a fabulous weekend. Now it just needs to hurry up and get here!

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