A Weekend of Fun

by - Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome back from the weekend.

I hope yours was as fun as mine!

I watched dolphins at the aquarium.

Dolphin jumping over a ball

Dolphin touching ball with nose

Learned I was much smaller than a shark.

Jess and shark

Watched Maryland beat FIU!

Celebrated my BFF's 25th birthday

Emily's birthday

Went to a country music concert and had awesome seats.

Gloriana at Sunday in the Country

Lady Antebellum at Sunday in the Country

Oh yea and managed to squeeze in a 15 mile long run.

It was quite the jam-packed weekend and as a result by Sunday morning I had a wicked head cold and sore throat. Zicam + Advil + massive amounts of water are getting me through.

My legs are recovering really well after my 15 miler. I'm much less sore this week than I was last week after my half marathon. Other than some minor calf soreness, my legs feel great.

I'm hoping to kick this cold soon. I'm ready for a productive week at work and on the training front!

Happy Monday!

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