Wipe Out!

by - Thursday, September 09, 2010

Until this morning, I don't ever think I've totally bit it on a run. I'm talking tripped on the sidewalk and going flying, landing on my hands and knees and then proceeding to slide across the concrete on my stomach until all momentum stopped.

It happened in the blink of an eye and when the sliding was over I just sort of laid there all sprawled out, stunned by what had just happened and thinking thank gosh I managed to keep my face off the ground because that would have been ugly.

The next second I was hopping back up and after a quick inspection of my hands and knees I was up and running again.

Left knee was a little sore because I think it took the brunt of the fall, but nothing more than some minor bruising and gnarly scrapes. My hands and knees were bleeding, but that just makes me look more like a badass right?

When I got home I immediately cleaned out the cuts and oh goodness did that sting. I was hopping around my kitchen hissing with each burning sting since my roommates were still sleeping upstairs.

The cuts still tingle, but for the most part they are bandaged up and I'm fine.

This cut on my hand is the worst of it.

Minor swelling/bruising on my knees

Skid marks on my shirt from the slide

Despite the fall I still managed to have one heck of a run.

Check out these splits:

1: 9:21
2: 8:57 (I bit it just after the 1.5 marker and didn't stop Garmin)
3: 8:28

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