Rest Day Reading

by - Saturday, September 04, 2010

I do a lot of reading during the week and I stumble across a lot of great blog posts and articles that I want to share. Some of them I shoot out on Twitter. Others I bookmark in Delicious. Some are running and health related, but definitely not all of them.

Starting today, I'm introducing a new feature on Saturdays, called Rest Day Reading, where I'll share some of my favorite posts from the week.

Health and Fitness:
Owning My Healthy Lifestyle - A sassy take on living a healthy life
How to Choose a Training Plan that Works - My guest post on Diets In Review
Lulu-worthy - Having the right to feel comfortable in your workout gear
Embracing the Old Lady Inside - She's proud of the fact she goes to bed early and doesn't party hardy every weekend.

Social Media:
NASA Teams Up with Flickr - Cool pictures from NASA will be available in the Flickr Commons

Gmail Priority Inbox - Make your email easier to manage
Top 10 Reasons for Entrepreneurial Success

Commentary on Society:
What is it about 20-somethings? - NY Times piece on "emerging adults"
Are you the new 20-something? Why? - Great analysis of NY Times piece

Shoot First, Wishlist later. - Taking better pictures.

Random News Bits:
8-Foot Shark Caught in Potomac River

What have you been reading this week? Share your favorite links in the comments.

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