Rest Day Reading

by - Saturday, September 11, 2010

Welcome back to another edition of Rest Day Reading. Kick off your shoes, curl up on the couch and check out some great stories from the week.

Health and Fitness:

How Blogging Put Me in the Poor House - "Keeping up with the bloggers" can get expensive.
The Essential Pantry List - Good essentials to start building a well-stocked pantry.
Reasons NOT to Run a Marathon - Just because everyone else is doing it, is not a good reason.
How Your Cycle Affects Your Workouts - Fellas you might want to skip this one

Work Related:
How to land a job in digital PR
How to Run Your Business Online with $10 and a Google Account

Social Media:
11 True Stories Behind Tech’s Top Names

What have you been reading this week? Share your links below!

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