Beating a Pre-Race Cold

by - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's four days until marathon day. I'm nervous, and excited....but mostly nervous.

I know I'm ready to run. I've put in the time and the miles. I'll cross the finish line on Sunday feeling very proud.

Unless of course this cold gets the best of me.

Yesterday afternoon I had a tickle in the back of my throat. No matter how much water I chugged, the tickle wouldn't go away.

My supervisor very nicely gave me some Zicam to get me through until I got home.

I stopped at the pharmacy on the way home, picked up some sick kid supplies and went home and put on my PJs.

I made soup for dinner, curled up in bed and read, and then went to bed at 9:15.

This morning the tickle was still there, but it's still just a tickle. I swung by Starbucks for some hot tea and honey to get me through the morning. I'm hoping tea + soup + extra rest will be all I need to keep this cold at bay. I will most likely continue to baby myself until race day.

Now is not the time to get sick.

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