Recovery Time Comes to an End

by - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its been a little more than a week since my marathon and I've been thoroughly enjoying my week of recovery.

I slept in on the weekends and the week days. Waking up at 6 for work instead of 4:30 to fit in my run has been awesome. And for the first time in I don't know how long I managed to sleep until 9 on the weekend! It's a recovery miracle! I'm usually naturally awake by 7 on the weekends.

I went on one run and it was an easy 3.5 mile shake out run on Thanksgiving. I went slow and stopped when my legs had enough. Since PA was graced with snow on Turkey Day it was also my first snow run of the season.

I treated myself to a massage. My massage therapist at home is amazing and she gave my legs quite the work over. Now my IT bands feel slightly more normal and she did a great job loosening up my hips.

I indulged in lots of goodies, mainly in the form of pie. I fully believe its OK to indulge and I enjoyed every bit of pumpkin pie and whipped cream without worrying about how it would affect my runs.

But recovery time is about to end. My legs are itching for some activity so it's time to enter maintenance phase. My main goal for the next month is to maintain my fitness levels and build a strong base so I'll be ready for half marathon training after Christmas.

How do you celebrate your recovery time and how long does your recovery last?

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