Cooking Challenge: Veggie Burgers

by - Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and encouragement for the marathon on Sunday. For those of you who asked, my bib number is 9750. The marathon website says it should be updated with results as the race progresses. I couldn't find a link, but hopefully it will be clear on race day where you go to track runners.

And now, to cooking.

This week I convinced Matt to make veggie burgers. Matt is a meat-loving kind of guy, so this was kind of a big deal for him.

We used Mama Pea's recipe for inspiration and got to work.

This recipe was super simple with a small ingredient list.

We started by steaming two potatoes.

Steaming potatoes

In the meantime, we chopped the basil.

Chopping basil

Then we rinsed out a can of white beans.

Rinsed white beans

I thought it would be fun to add some peppers to the mix.

Smiley face peppers

Once the potatoes were soft, we combine the beans, potatoes, two cloves of garlic, a little bit of flour, a splash of lemon juice and some salt and pepper in a bowl. We mashed the mix with a fork until it started to form a paste.

Potatoes and beans in a bowl

Mashing the potatoes and beans

Then we dumped in the basil and the peppers.

Adding basil and peppers to the mix

Once everything was mixed, we formed the burger patties and cooked them for about five minutes on each side.

Cooking the burgers

Flipped burgers

I thought these tasted great on their own or dipped in a little bit of BBQ sauce, but Matt wasn't a huge fan of the burgers. I think the lack of meat is what did them in in his book.

Patty on a bun

Burger with BBQ sauce

I would make these again in a heart beat. They were tasty and filling and didn't take all that long to whip up.

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