Cooking Challenge: Fall Pancakes

by - Friday, November 05, 2010

As much as I always struggle to make pretty pancakes, I decided to take another stab at them because I was seriously craving pumpkin pancakes after seeing them all over the blog world.

But as I was about to start cooking, I suddenly was struck with inspiration to make pancakes with apple butter.

Instead of throwing my pumpkin pancakes idea out the window, I made both. Pumpkin pancakes + apple butter pancakes = the perfect fall pancakes.

I started with basic Bisquick mix and added milk and eggs according to the directions.

Bisquick, eggs and milk
Bisquick mix, with milk and eggs.

Once it was mixed, I cooked half the batch.

plain pancake in the pan
Plain pancake cooking was a success

I set the plain pancakes on a cookie sheet in the oven to stay warm while I got started on the pumpkin pancakes.

I added about three scoops of canned pumpkin to the remaining pancake batter.

pumpkin in pancake batter
Canned pumpkin added to the pancake mix.

Then I mixed in a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon.

The pumpkin and spices turned the batter a nice shade of orange.

Pumpkin batter all mixed up
Mmm pumpkin pancake batter.

It reminded me of pumpkin pie filling.

I had a hard time working with the pumpkin pancakes. They cooked very, very slowly and were really hard for me to flip. I ended up with lots of deformed pancakes

deformed pancake
Deformed pancake.

The pumpkin pancakes also didn't cook evenly. There was a spot in the middle of each one where the batter just refused to cook, no matter how burned the rest of the pancake was.

Raw center
The uncooked center.

Eventually I got a few decent pumpkin pancakes out of the batch.

I decided to test both a plain pancake topped with apple butter and a pumpkin pancake to see which I liked better.

Pumpkin and plain pancake
Pumpkin on the left, plain on the right.

pancake topped with apple butter
Plain pancake topped with apple butter.

In the end it was a toss up. They were both really good and tasted just like fall. For next time, I need to figure out a way to get the pumpkin pancakes to cook more evenly.

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