Matchy-Matchy Workout Clothes

by - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When I was still working with my personal trainer, he used to tease me that my workout clothes were always matchy-matchy.

matchy-matchy gym outfit
Typical gym outfit. Blue Under Armour top matches blue in tights, matches blue headband.

(Side note: These Under Armour capris are fairly new and I'm pretty much in love with them.)

What can I say? I like my workout clothes to look cute and coordinated when I'll be working out around other people.

In the mornings when I run by myself, sometimes that matchy-matchy goes right out the door, especially in the summer. At that point I'm just looking for a clean pair of shorts and a clean sports bra. Although since most of my shorts are black, I guess I technically match by default.

Come race morning though, I'm absolutely neurotic about having a cute outfit. I mean, hello, there are going to be cameras taking my picture. And while I will probably look like hell in most of them, the least I can do is make my outfit match.

Philly Marathon. Green shirt matches green stripe on tights.

BlogHer 5K
BlogHer 5K. Black shorts match everything.

Who says workout outfits can't be cute and functional?

So do you workout in matchy-matchy outfits or do you just grab whatever's clean?

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