Working with a Personal Trainer

by - Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Good morning and happy Tuesday!

I'm happy to say my legs recovered fairly well from Saturday's speedy long run and I was able to do my easy run yesterday at a pace much quicker than I'm used to. If that's going to be the trend, I'll definitely be doing most of my long runs with my coworker and his friends!

In other workout news, I'm trying something totally new today.

I'm meeting with a personal trainer for the first time ever. I'm really excited!

My gym was offering a special deal: Two-month membership, 3 personal training sessions and a $50 gift card to use with the gym's massage therapist for $99.

What a steal! Usually personal training sessions alone cost that much money.

I chatted with my trainer on the phone for a little bit the other night (he's a UMD grad too, whoop whoop!) and got the rundown of what to expect during our first session.

Basically, we'll be collecting my baseline fitness metrics: Height, weight, body fat percentage and a general idea of my usual workout routine.

Then he'll be measuring my for muscle imbalances. I'm sure we'll find plenty of those in my legs. Very strong runner legs tend to hide lots of weaknesses in muscles that don't get used as often. I learned that in physical therapy a few years ago.

Based on all the results, we'll put together a program to help me improve strength and speed-wise.

I think this is a great opportunity for me to get an outsider's perspective on what I can do to improve. So much of my training is based on what I think and how I feel, but I'm excited to be evaluated by a professional who will probably spot things I missed.

If you're in the DC/MD/NoVa area and interested in trying personal training, check out this great Groupon deal. 20 group classes and three personal training sessions for $30 at gyms all around the DC-area. (Thanks to my friend Tracy for giving me the heads up on this deal. I bought it like three seconds later!)

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer? Was it beneficial?

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