Starting March on the Right Foot

by - Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy March!

I can't believe another month has come and gone and we're that much closer to spring! In fact, we change the clocks in 11 days! Hooray for longer days!

Looking back, February was a strange month for me workout wise.

My gym pass expired, so I stopped going to my strength training classes at the gym, though I did pop in a Jillian DVD once or twice.

The first two weeks of the month, I was in taper mode for the New Orleans Half Marathon, so my running mileage was fairly minimal.

The last two weeks of the month
, I was experiencing some mental and physical burnout and gave myself two weeks to completely rest and recharge my batteries. I snuck in a short workout or two, but I mostly ate, slept and worked.

I probably ran no more than 25 miles the entire month and that includes my half marathon.

However, March is the month where I get back to it. I'm feeling rested both mentally and physically and I'm ready to kick things up a notch this month.

There was no better way to start the month than with a lovely three mile run at 4:30 this morning. The weather was perfect, in the mid-30s with no wind and man did it feel good to be out there moving.

What did you do to start March off right?

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