Spring Race Schedule

by - Wednesday, March 02, 2011

My wallet is feeling significantly lighter these days, but I've pretty much got my spring race schedule set.

Here's the list:

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler - April 3 - Washington, D.C.
This was a very last minute addition, but when Ashley needed someone to take her husband's bib and I saw my calendar was open that weekend, I offered to help out. I have several friends running this race and it's smack in the middle of half marathon training, so this is a race I'll just be doing for fun.

Frederick Half Marathon - May 7 - Frederick, Md.
This is the race I'm most looking forward to. I had a really great time running this race last year and I was able to set a PR, even though the heat and the hills got to me at the end of the race. I'm hoping to set a new PR this year if the weather is more favorable. I also have friends running this race. It will be Tracy's first half and my friend Ashleigh is looking to PR too. In fact, I might try to hang with Ashleigh to see if I can push myself to a new PR. That will be a game-time decision based on how well my training goes.

Baltimore 10 Miler - June 18 - Baltimore, Md.
My mom wanted to run this race and asked if I wanted to it too. I rarely pass up a chance to run the same race as my mom, so I registered yesterday. Plus, it's about time I circle around back to this race. I was registered for this three year's ago in its inaugural year, but that was the year I started experiencing all my knee problems and ended up in physical therapy for three months. I wasn't able to run the race, but went to cheer on friends and pick up my amazing race premium that I still wear even though I didn't run. I feel a little shady about that, so it's time that I run this race and earn the right to wear my super amazing fleece. This is another race I'll be running just for fun. It's a hilly course and June in Baltimore is hot! Plus my coworker is running too so this should be a fun time.

Is anyone running any of these races? If you are, I'd love to meet up and say "hi!" If not, what races are you running this spring?

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